General Ribbon Information

In preparation for Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD), we are excited to announce a new resource to assist in increasing awareness, as well as marketing and branding your FPAD efforts.  In response to falls prevention coalitions’ requests for additional promotional items, an official Falls Free® Awareness Ribbon is now available through 4imprint.  This ribbon (below) was designed with input from falls prevention coalitions. The Falls Free® awareness ribbons are ‘Canary’ yellow with orange text; they are pre-folded and include an attached pin (no assembly required!).

Per unit prices differ based on quantity purchased, but the $40 set-up/dye charge fee has been paid by NCOA. Ribbons will be shipped from 4imprint through UPS, with shipping costs differing according to weight and distance.  For reference, shipping for 1000 ribbons to NCOA offices in Arlington, VA cost $7.78, and are slated to arrive 8 business days post-order.  Please see below for sample quotes and instructions for ordering the ribbons.

Awareness Ribbon Proof

Sample Quote


To Place An Order

Contact Emily Manning at 4imprint.

  • Email:
  • Toll free: 877-446-7746, Ext: 8673
  • If Emily is unavailable, any agent can assist with your order.

Ask to place a “reorder” of 4imprint Order # 12446308.  By referencing this order that NCOA has already made, your set-up/die charge of $40 will be waived.

  • Provide the following information:
    • Quantity
    • Shipping Information
    • Payment Information: all major credit cards and checks are accepted.
  • Once payment is received, ribbons will be shipped directly to you.

Please contact with any questions that arise regarding this promotional item.  We look forward to observing Falls Prevention Awareness Day this September, and appreciate your continued involvement and support of this important effort!