Flu + You

What is influenza?

Influenza (“the flu”) is a contagious respiratory illness that can be severe and life-threatening, especially for adults 65 years of age and older. The immune system weakens with age, which makes it harder to fight disease. The flu can be dangerous in older adults whether they are healthy or have a chronic health condition such as heart disease or diabetes, which can worsen as a result of the flu.

Getting an annual flu vaccination is one of the things you can do to help maintain your health. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the single best way to help prevent the flu is to get an annual vaccination, which is recommended for everyone six months of age and older, with rare exception.

What is Flu + You?

The Flu + You campaign is educating older adults and their loved ones about the seriousness of the flu, the importance of getting an annual flu vaccination and flu vaccine options. As our Flu Ambassador, Judith Light—starring in a new Off-Broadway show this fall and the upcoming third season of Amazon’s Transparent—is once again joining us in these efforts.

Hear more from Light in her flu video messages, and click below to explore more information about the flu.

Flu + You is a collaboration between the National Council on Aging and Sanofi Pasteur.