This tool uses data from the Social Security Administration to illustrate the number of Medicare beneficiaries drawing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits at the ZIP code and county level as of December 2015. This map may be used to target outreach to the under-65 disabled population on Medicare. (Note: Data for ZIP codes with fewer than 10 SSDI recipients is restricted to protect anonymity.)

How to use this tool

Click anywhere on the map below and move your mouse to find a geographical area of interest. Use the + and – buttons at the bottom right of the map to zoom in and out. Clicking on an area in the map will bring up a box indicating the number of SSDI Medicare beneficiaries in that ZIP code. Note that deeper shades of purple indicate a higher concentration of SSDI beneficiaries.

This tool also includes a Fusion Table where one can sort or search any column. To view the table, click on the word “source” at the bottom of the inset. Use the blue filter button in the table to search by ZIP code or county.

Data source: Social Security Administration (SSA)